Students Accommodation Policy 2000

Successfully implementation of the expansion of the student enrolment objective of the SUA’S Corporate Strategic Plan will depend to a large extent on the availability of increased hostel accommodation for students. It is thus recommended:
(i)    The University will strive to encourage private investors as well as government institutions in construction of hostel facilities suitable for student’s accommodation.
(ii)    From September 2000/2001, admission to the University programmes shall not be pegged on availability of campus student accommodation and therefore the students who miss accommodation space on campus should look for their own accommodation off campus.
(iii)    Students shall be required to apply for campus accommodation to the student room allocation committee and they shall be required to sign a contract before given the room key.
(iv)    Preference for student accommodation on campus shall follow the following ranking:
(1)    Disabled students
(2)    Foreign students
(3)    1st year students
(4)    Female students
(5)    Continuing students

(v)    The University hostel charges shall regularly be reviewed according to the prevailing situations.


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