Investment Policy and Guidelines 2005

SUA Investment Policy and Guidelines highlight the historical perspectives of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), its vision and mission and the current funding opportunities which are heavily dependent on government subvention. The policy indicates the evolution of the Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP), which is mainly a result of rapid socio-economics and political changes both nationally and globally, and the recent increase in number of higher learning institui9ons that have resulted in a number of challenges including meager financial resources.

SUA CSP emphasizes the optimal use related to teaching, research, extension and public services. The plan also advocated outsourcing non-core but equally important support services. Other measures undertaken by the university to meet the challenges imposed by under funding includes the revision and approval of the income generating policy and holding a stakeholders workshop.

The main objectives of initiating the investment policy are therefore to generate additional income to supplement the inadequate government subvention; provide support services to the university community to the university community for the betterment of academic endeavours and to provide quality infrastructure for academic activities.

This will be achieved through establishing and promoting investment activities for sustainable income generation; attracting private investors on the university land and other facilities; publicizing and promoting goods, services, new technologies and innovations produced at SUA; the university serving as a strategic partner in investment; forming SUA investment Company Ltd; providing basic infrastructure support services for investment.

The investment areas and modes of investment are also indicated. The policy also spells out the application procedures for investing in the university land; the responsibility of the prospective investors and means for monitoring and evaluating the investments and their contribution to university endeavour and public’s interest.

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