Morningside Is the old German colonial house constructed early in 1900s the house is located about 900m up the Uluguru Mountain which once served as a week-end retreat for German colonialists the house belongs to Sokoine University of agriculture “SUA”

The town was the site of yet another magnificently exasperating evasion by German commander Paul von Lettow Vorbeck.

Morningside in a scenic forest clearing just a couple of hours walk from the Morogoro town. To get there is a good and interesting route from the town Centre following Boma Road southwards for about 10km, passing the old German Boma on the way and then meandering along the hill path past trees and streams.

Morningside Cottage was erected as a weekend retreat during the German colonial period in the early 1900s. The place can be reached on foot starting from the end of Boma Road. There is a splendid view from the cottage which overlooks Morogoro town and the surrounding landscape.

Old German Settlement. On the way back enjoy the beautiful scenery over the farming land and the view of Morogoro town.

This campus is endowed with three parcels of land on the ridges of Uluguru Mountains.